More Than Sport & Play

We are dedicated to serving the forcibly displaced persons and the border community.

Why whole life coaching?

This world is in trouble without godly fathers to influence the next generation for good. Whole life coaching provides “parenting” to a generation lacking good parenting, particularly by fathers. A father modeled on our Heavenly Father helps to communicate identity to the young person, provide security and fulfil potential. Malachi 4:6

How can whole life coaching impact lives?

It impacts lives through the influence of a coach who is modeled on a godly father. Sport is a great place for character development to take place, through the mentoring of players in a team by their godly coach. Galatians 5:22

What is whole life coaching?

Whole life coaching powerfully connects a simple sports activity to everyday life: It is a discipling strategy to help young sports players grow into the people God wants them to be. It integrates sport holistically with spiritual, social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. It teaches practical skills alongside spiritual and moral values to create coaching sessions that truly impact lives. Luke 2:40
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Hamisi Ogaya

A Kenyan and a lifelong footballer, playing at the semi-pro levels, and having served in many different sports organizations including World Sports Ministry International, Ambassadors in Football International, Kickoff to Hope Kenya International, among others.