More Than Sport & Play

We are dedicated to serving the forcibly displaced persons and the border community.

Who we are

Sports Aid Africa (SAA) is a Kenyan Non-Governmental Organisation registered in 2012. We are dedicated to serving the forcibly displaced persons and the border community.

  • Sports Aid Africa uses sports to address holistic change among children, youth and adults in refugee camps and the board community.
  • We help them cultivate their character and contribute to the world through sports programs.
  • We nurture their gifts and impart values that serve them in Africa and a cross world.
  • We provide an environment that is safe, modern and loving.
  • We recognize that a heart and soul exists beneath each jersey of an athlete and behind each talent.

Our Mission

To holistically develop and equip children, youth and emerging leaders from refugee camp, and marginalized communities into impactful leaders through their talent.

Our Vision

To holistically prepare athletes, coaches and emerging leaders to serve and influence the world on and off the sports field.


More Than Sport & Play

Soccer Clinic 1,500

Children and youth both boys and girls of all ages directly coached and impacted.

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Our Values







Our Journey

Kenya is host to about 500,000 refugees most of whom are children and youth. With political instability in our neighbouring countries, security conditions on the ground do not allow proper protection. Aid delivery has been a challenge and dangerous to travel to these locations by road and conduct our program successfully. With no end on sight for the near future, the UNHCR recognizes that a key strategy for the future is to increase resilience. This will be achieved by designing targeted programs for children and youth.

One of the most effective tool to address behavior change among the children and youth is sport. Sports Aid Africa endeavor to empower vulnerable communities with the framework of education, peace-building, community integration, poverty reduction, leadership training, sports management and injury prevention through tailor made Ubabalo and value based programs.

Sports Aid Africa also engage the children and youth so as to keep them away from social vices common in their surroundings. e.g. prostitution, sexual and gender based violence, drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, school drop-out, lack of mentorship, unemployment and talent development among others. Despite the huge popularity of sports in refugee camps and in our community, there hasn't been sufficient efforts to use them to effect behavior change. In view to the above, there is need to have a structured approach to the management of sports for refugee and for our host community.

It is important to actively use sports to effect behavior change, and empower refugee and host communities for prosperity.

Why Sport?

For children, youth and families uprooted by War or persecution, sport is much more than a leisure activity. It's an opportunity to be included, cared for, loved and protected - a chance to heal, develop and grow. One of the most effective tool to address behavior change and reconciliation among the children, youth and adult is sport.

Sports is universal "language" spoken by every people group on the face of the earth. Sports speaks to youth in a language they best understand. Sports powerfully bring nations and community together and crosses cultural, social, religious, and economic lines - like nothing else can.

Sports provide a platform to speak truth into people's lives. It was through the same sport that my character was molded, my purpose and destiny made clear. This is the same spirit, desire and dream I have for our children, youth and adult to see them holistically live to their full potential.

Our Objectives

  • To conduct sports activities for all forcibly displaced persons and it’s border community.
  • To bring a healthy living lifestyle to everyone.
  • To provide an environment that is safe and peaceful.
  • To conduct accurate assessment of specific needs in the communities to be able to provide customised solutions.
  • To holistically develop and equip rising athletes, coaches and emerging for scaling and sustainability of the program.
  • To partner with key like-minded stakeholders as the implementing partner.
  • To spread positivity and help athletes develop a high sense of character and passion.
  • To build a full fledged sports and recreation academy that embraces and harnesses athletes talents in Africa.

Our Team

Our leaders set direction, goals and strategies that support nearly 500, 000 refugees residing in Kenya, and 1000 disadvantaged and marginalized pupils from Kibera slums and its environs.

Bernie Bitter


He has two children and five grandchildren. He resides in Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom. Bernard has held several positions as an accountant and company secretary.For 31 years, Bernard has been involved in the sports movement in 18 African countries and Beijing, Sydney, Barcelona, Athens, Atlanta, Munich and Manila.

Hamisi Ogaya

UEFA B Trainer, Co-Founder & International Director

A Kenyan and a lifelong footballer, playing at the semi-pro levels, and having served in many different sports organizations including World Sports Ministry International, Ambassadors in Football International, Kickoff to Hope Kenya International, among others. He is married to Rose Hamisi, and they have a daughter, Natania Hamisi.

Tiras Magollo

Chairman & Co-Founder

A Kenyan football player, he is married to Mrs. Salome Briony Magollo. They have two daughters; Alexandria Gabriella Magollo and Raphaella Dorcas Magollo and they all live in Randburg, South Africa. Tiras has served in Athletes in Action and International Sports Leadership among other ministries.