More Than Sport & Play

We are dedicated to serving the forcibly displaced persons and the border community.

Health and fitness is the foundation of all sport and reaches across all ages and abilities. It is a universal ministry and one which needs the gospel. Health and Fitness is the development of physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of an individual and community. We are joining in what Jesus is already doing, leading people to redemption in their physical bodies, minds, and spirits. Health and fitness serve those seeking change as well as giving opportunities for believers to serve the community.

Train The Body.

  • Using a system of functional circuit workouts. Train The Mind
  • Helping to get rid of daily stress and negative vibes. Train The Spirit
  • Strengthening confidence in oneself.

Why be involved in the world of Health and Fitness?

  • Our physical bodies are sacred.
  • Taking care of them honours our creator and empowers us to follow Him more closely.
  • It provides many opportunities to serve the local community
  • It provides opportunities to share the gospel and disciple intentionally.

How can we do Health and Fitness ministry?

There are two key strategies:
  • Come in: Using fitness as a tool to create a kingdom centered culture where you are.
  • Go out: Intentional discipleship in a secular fitness environment.
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Hamisi Ogaya

A Kenyan and a lifelong footballer, playing at the semi-pro levels, and having served in many different sports organizations including World Sports Ministry International, Ambassadors in Football International, Kickoff to Hope Kenya International, among others.