More Than Sport & Play

We are dedicated to serving the forcibly displaced persons and the border community.

Many elements of a camp can be adapted because of culture and context. However there are two essential elements of a Soccer Camp.
  • Soccer: We deliver quality coaching and competition that provides the opportunities for young people to worship God with their sporting gifts.
  • Discipleship: We teach the good news of Jesus and play our part in the process of making disciples through sharing lives during the camp and afterwards. Romans 12:1, Matthew 28:19-20

What are the key outcomes?

There are key outcomes in the area of soccer and of discipleship. A soccer camp fulfill the needs of a local community. This is a way to contextualize a soccer camp appropriately and factoring the sporting ability, cultural background and age among others. Our competent leaders and coaches makes it to happen.
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Hamisi Ogaya

A Kenyan and a lifelong footballer, playing at the semi-pro levels, and having served in many different sports organizations including World Sports Ministry International, Ambassadors in Football International, Kickoff to Hope Kenya International, among others.