More Than Sport & Play

We are dedicated to serving the forcibly displaced persons and the border community.

A soccer academy is a place of learning, education and development. It's a place where sports minded children and young people can learn, grow, develop and be educated in their sport. It's a Christ-centered base for holistic model of growth and development for the sports minded child or young person.

What is the impact of a Soccer Academy?

A holistic Christ-centered soccer academy is a place where a young person can:
  • Fulfill their potential both in sport and in life.
  • Explore faith and experience how faith relates to their sport.
  • Develop their character.
  • Impact their family, friends, community and sports culture.

What is distinctive about a Soccer Academy?

The holistic approach of Christ-centered soccer academies is distinctive because of three important elements:
  • Faith – Goes beyond life skills and focuses on discipleship
  • Sport – Serious and intentional development of player talent.
  • Future – Long term ongoing investment in young sports people active
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Hamisi Ogaya

A Kenyan and a lifelong footballer, playing at the semi-pro levels, and having served in many different sports organizations including World Sports Ministry International, Ambassadors in Football International, Kickoff to Hope Kenya International, among others.